Our mobile devices are now the keys to our communication, finances, and social lives  and because of this, they are lucrative targets for cybercriminals.


How can I physically protect my device?


Your lock screen is the gateway to your device, data, photos, private documents, and apps. As such, keeping it secure is paramount.


On Android, consider these settings:


Screen lock type: Swipe, pattern, PIN, password, and biometric checks using fingerprints or your face

Smart lock: Keeps your phone unlocked when it is with you, and you can decide what situations are considered safe

Auto factory resets: Automatically wipes your phone after 15 incorrect attempts to unlock

Notifications: Select what notifications show up and what content is displayed, even when your phone is locked

Lockdown mode: From Android 9.0, lockdown mode can be enabled

Find my Device: Find, lock, or erase your lost device


On iOS devices, check out:


Passcode: set a passcode to unlock your device

Face ID, Touch ID: Biometrics can be used to unlock your device, use apps, and make payments

Find my iPhone: Find, track, and block your lost iPhone

Lockdown mode: Apple previewed its own version of lockdown mode in July. Dubbed “extreme” protection for a small pool of users, the upcoming feature will provide improved security for malicious links and connections, as well as wired connections when an iPhone is locked.